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CGC's Gallery contains large digital images of CGC-certified magazines available for viewing. It’s a fun resource for novice and advanced collectors alike. We frequently update the Gallery with new images and details, so please check back often.

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Playboy v1 #1
December 1953

The Premier Issue featuring "Sweetheart of the Month" Marilyn Monroe.


Playboy v1 #3
February 1954


Playboy v1 #5
April 1954


Playboy v2 #2
January 1955


Playboy v2 #3
February 1955


Playboy v2 #5
May 1955


Playboy v3 #4
April 1956

The stylized rabbit with tuxedo appeared as Playboy’s logo in the second issue; here it assumed true iconographic status.


Playboy v3 #6
June 1956


Playboy v4 #2
February 1957


Playboy v19 #12
December 1972

The play on Coca-Cola colors and emblems sent a clear message that Playboy and its special Christmas issue had also become American icons. This issue has had some of the color-breaking creases on the cover re-touched, and thus has been certified with the CGC Restored label.


Playboy v22 #3
March 1975


Playboy v24 #10
October 1977

By featuring the notoriously guarded Barbra Streisand, Playboy was able to highlight its popular interviews alongside other editorial features on the cover.


Playboy v25 #12
December 1978

This hefty 392-page Gala Christmas Issue is among the thickest Playboys ever issued, but can still be safely and securely housed in the CGC Magazine holder. This is the first of three Farrah Fawcett Playboy covers.


Playboy v32 #9
September 1985

Specialists will note that this was the last staple-bound Playboy, which is noted on the cover. Future issues would be square-bound. Based on the cover reference, it’s clear that Playboy was aware of its great number of enthusiastic collectors.


Playboy v37 #1
January 1990


Playboy v46 #3
March 1999

A popular feature of Playboy covers is that the rabbit emblem is often worked into the photo or graphic (or sometimes hidden in the image). Here, on the woman at left, Paul Stanley’s Starchild makeup was substituted with a Playboy version.


Playboy v59 #3
April 2012