Step 3: Protective Encapsulation

Step 3 of 4: Encapsulation

After magazines have been graded, they are taken from the Grading Room to the Encapsulation Department. Here, the labels are printed, in their appropriate colors, bearing the grades and identification numbers for each magazine. CGC assigns unique serial numbers to every certified magazine. The magazine identification number, grade and serial number are all represented within the label’s barcode, found beneath the serial number on the magazine’s label.

The holder is designed to optimize display while securely encasing the magazine alongside its certification information. With its label, the magazine is now fitted into an archival-quality well, which will form the interior of the holder. This is then sealed inside a transparent rigid plastic shell, using a combination of compression and ultrasonic vibration. The result is a CGC-certified magazine, ready to be shipped to its proud owner.


Should the owner of a CGC-certified magazine wish to examine the interior of an encapsulated magazine, the holder can be opened by breaking its corner posts and then cutting open the pliable inner well. To have a magazine re-encapsulated, it should be submitted to CGC for re-certification along with its original label. Certification fees do apply and the magazine may receive a different grade than originally assigned.

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