Label Description

Every magazine certified by CGC is encapsulated in our state-of-the-art holder along with the CGC certification labels. On the label you’ll find the magazine title, issue date, publisher and its CGC grade, as well as pertinent information about the particular issue.

CGC’s labels are color-coded to indicate the following:

Universal (blue)

Applied to magazines that simply bear the grade as assigned, with no qualifiers or special considerations.


Signature Series (yellow)

Applied to magazines that have been signed by someone of significance to the publication under the direct observation of a CGC Authorized Witness. The signatures are thus certified authentic. CGC Signature Series labels include the signer’s name and the date that the magazine was signed.


Qualified (green)

Appear on certified magazines that have a qualified grade. These magazines have a significant defect or defects that are specifically described and then not considered in the assigned grade. For example, it would be a disservice to the seller and the buyer to call a Near Mint (NM) magazine with a four-inch tear on the back cover simply a Very Good (VG). Instead, CGC will give this magazine a Qualified grade of “VF / NM 9.0, back cover 4-inch tear.” The Qualified label is also applied to magazines that bear signatures not witnessed and certified by CGC. For example, if the magazine is signed on the cover, it may be noted as “Name Written on Cover.”


Restored (purple)

Indicate that a magazine shows evidence of repair. Restoration can come in a variety of degrees, from slight professional (SP) restoration to extensive amateur (EA) restoration.


Signature Series Restored
(yellow and purple)

Used for a restored magazine that has been signed under the direct observation of a CGC Authorized Witness, and thus bears a signature that was certified authentic by CGC. The degree of restoration is noted on the label along with information about the signer and the date signed.