Step 1: Receiving

Step 1 of 4: Receiving

Each morning, CGC’s Receiving Department opens packages containing submissions of magazines. They immediately verify that all enclosed magazines are correctly accounted for on their accompanying invoice, and that the invoice descriptions correctly correspond to the magazines. This information is entered electronically into the CGC certification system by invoice number and line item, so each magazine will be traceable throughout all stages of the grading process.

The magazines are placed in protective sleeves affixed with temporary barcoded labels that bear the invoice and line numbers — information that will ultimately be duplicated into a unique serial number on the CGC label. They are then separated from the original submission paperwork that could be used to identify the original submitter. Magazines are placed into boxes marked only with the submission processing time and the invoice number — steps to ensure anonymity and impartiality during the grading process.

Once prepped, magazines pass to a restoration detection professional in the CGC Grading Room.

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