Instructions for Submitting

How to Complete the CGC Submission Form

While our submission form is designed to be self-explanatory, we’ve provided a comprehensive guide for your convenience. Please remember to fill it out completely and correctly to avoid delays in the grading process.

CGC Submission Form Part 1
Your name and CGC Collectors Society account number (beginning CS) or your CGC Authorized Dealer number.

Select a tier service from the magazine section. Only one grading tier may be selected per form. If you have magazines that require different service levels, you must use multiple submission forms. Also, please remember that turnaround times are estimates only!
CGC Submission Form Part 2
Choose your preferred method of return shipping.
Provide the return shipping address where you want your magazines to be returned.
CGC Submission Form Part 3
Fill in the quantity, the issue date or month and year of the magazine. Also include publisher name and variant information, such as if the magazine is a newsstand or subscription edition or if there are special insertions. Also include the Fair Market Value.

Don't forget to total the value of your magazines.
CGC Submission Form Part 4
Indicate your method of payment. Payment is due at time of submission.