Tips for On-Site Grading

Posted on 9/1/2015

Tips and Tricks for On-Site Grading and Pressing

CGC and CCS wants to help you get the most out of On-Site Grading and Pressing!

Here are some tips and tricks from CGC employees to help you make the most of your on-site grading opportunity.

During On-site grading books are promised to be returned and delivered by end of show on Sunday !

Link to online On-Site Submission form:

CGC can only grade a finite number of books during On-site grading. Once our supplies run out, we have to cut off On-site. We do our best to make the opportunities equal to all attendees coming in on different days, but the time and space is limited. CCS can also only press a finite number of books, due to the time we devote to the pressing process.

Get there FIRST thing in the morning the day the show opens! If the show opens at 10:00 am, be at the CGC Booth at 10:01 with your books. Set your schedule to allow yourself to be first in the door to get your books in before it is cut off.

If space allows we will be taking CCS submissions up until Friday, but for the best chance at getting your books pressed and graded during the show, we recommend submitting on Thursday as soon as possible

Have your forms already ready to go, printed, and your books bagged and boarded. The more prepared you are in advance the faster you will get your books submitted, and the quicker you will get your books back. There is a link to our online submission form for on-site grading. You can fill it out now, and have it ready to go for the show.

Signature Series

Sig Series can be very tricky to get done at on-site grading.

Come by the CGC booth first thing to let the Signature Series coordinator know you need a witness, and that you want to submit your books for on-site grading. Make sure you know when the artist you want to see is going to be there. Get your books signed at the earliest opportunity and submit them directly after that with CGC to make the cut off.

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