Services & Fees

The following are CGC’s current prices for grading tiers. Please remember that the turnaround times are estimates only.

Please read the Shipping Your Magazines section before sending us your submissions and contact us at 877-662-6642 if you have any further questions.

Magazine Grading Tiers and Services

A $5 handling fee per invoice applies to all submissions in addition to the grading
tiers below.
Tier Ship Status† Est. Turnaround Maximum Value Price
Economy On-time 25 business days $200 per book $28 per book
Standard On-time 15 business days $400 per book $37 per book
Express On-time 5 business days $800 per book $55 per book
WalkThru On-time Same day No limit $77 per book
Reholder* On-time 10 business days No limit $12 per book
Recertification** n/a Service selected Service selected **
* Reholder service is for chipped, scratched or cracked holders that have not been opened or had their seals broken. We will place your magazine in a new holder. NOTE: All Reholder submissions are subject to review for tampering and accuracy of grade. Mail-in submissions only.
** A magazine that has been removed from its holder can be submitted for recertification at the appropriate tier level with its original CGC label. Magazines submitted for re-certification with original labels ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO RECEIVE THE SAME GRADE.
Please allow time for postal delivery for books being shipped out today.

Please remember that CGC does not return Mylars or backing boards sent in with magazines.